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You are here: Home >> Beijing Attractions >> Peking Man Site

Peking Man Site

If you have visited most famous attractions like Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace, etc, and you have free time in Beijing, then Peking Man Site (Zhoukoudian ) is a good choice. The remains of the Peking Man (homo erectus) is located on Dragon Bone Hill at Zhoukoudian Village, Fangshan District.

Zhoukoudian has a very good sign directing you to visit different display halls. Please read this sign carefully to avoid missing any of the important sites. Upon arrival, your first stop should be the tourist center, where you can buy some souvenirs and books about Zhoukoudian. Then walk west along the road and you will see the ticket office. Buy tickets and walk for about 10 minutes to the Site Museum, one of the first museums to be built after the foundation of New China. On the way, you will find a restaurant .You may want to take a break there.

Peking Man Site (Zhoukoudian)   Peking Man Site (Zhoukoudian)

The exhibits in the Site Museum are mainly fossils of the Peking man and other animal bones. The first hall contains the panoptic sand table, the geological maps and the relics in large scale. The second hall is a historical retrospect. The third hall is about the Beijing Ape Man and includes models of the Peking Man, the Peking ape man's living conditions, fossils of animals from that time period, and traces the use of stone tools and fire. Hall Four shows the unearthed historical relics and the fifth hall tells visitors the contributions of this site in studying the Peking Man and displays some important photos. This museum is the most important display hall demonstrating the origin of humans in prehistory and the transition from ape to human. You will also find a good collection of information if you are interested in archaeology.

When you exit from the museum, walk southeast along another path for about 5 minutes to the Upper Cave, and then to Locality No. 4 where the New Cave man was excavated. Next go to No. 3 and No. 12. No. 12 is located at the southwest corner of the site and is about 5 meters away from No. 3. To the east at No 15. and Gezitang hall, is the oldest fossil place in Dragon Bone Hill. Your final destination is the Apeman Cave, which is also known as Locality No. 1 of the Zhoukoudian site and as the Home of Peking Man. From there follow the signs to take the road back to the ticket office and the souvenir store.

Located 90 km away from downtown city, you can take bus No. 929 at the Pingguoyuan metro station to this village directly. With a hundred year's history, the village still keeps its traditional folk culture. When you walk on the old pavements and view the traditional layout of four houses surrounding a courtyard with delicate caved patterns, the old Beijing people's life will come into your mind apparently. The well-preserved traditional Ming and Qing Dynasties style Si He courtyards with exquisite carves are highlights here, these houses were all built on the hillside and if you want to take a visit, you will have to climb up the steep stairs.

The site provides free guided tours every half hour in English, Japanese and Korean. You may follow the guide to visit these sites. You may visit the ruins of the Peking man living in 250,000-600,000 years ago. They used to live in the limestone caves with the certificate for using fair. It is really a great invention for human beings.

Useful Information For Peking Man Site
Admission Fee RMB30/person
Opening Hours 8:30 - 16:30
Transportation Driving Route:
Take the Jingshi Express Way, and exit at Yancun and then turn to Jingzhou highway to reach there.

By Bus:
1, No.646 from Qianmen Station to Liangxiang Xi Men, transfer No. 38 and get off at Peking Man Site.
2, No. 616 from Beijing west station to Liangxiang Xi men, transfer No. 38 and get off at Peking Man Site.
3. No. 971 from Zhaogongkou station to Liangxiang Xi Men, transfer No. 38 and get off at Peking Man Site.
No.7 from Peking Man Site to Downtown

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